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940 N 26th St, Ste 201
Lincoln, Nebraska 68503
(402) 261-4655

Lincoln is the capitol of Nebraska and home of 9 colleges and universities.  With that many students around there is a high demand for good and quick food to eat.  Banhwich Cafe is rocking out some amazing sandwiches with fresh and wonderful ingredients.

Walking up you see a beautiful and simple restaurant.  Many Vietnamese touches allow the customer to embrace a place they may never get to travel to in their life.  Home to banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich and one of my personal favorite sandwiches, Banhwich Cafe offers some wonderful varieties of the staple sandwich.

Looking over the menu I decided to order the Thit Nuong, grilled pork, banh mi without cilantro.  I also got  a side of kimchi with it to add a little kick.

Banh mi means baguette in Vietnamese and the banh mi roll is a wonderful roll to make a sandwich out of.  The grilled pork offered a wonderful flavor and paired so great with the crunchy vegetables on top.  The kimchi was spicy and had such a pungent deep flavor and was so great I had to pour it all over my sandwich.


Next time you are around Lincoln be sure to make time to stop in for a wonderful sandwich.  The price for my sandwich was under $5 so that is also a great price.  I would have easily paid double.  Next time I am in I will be ordering a bubble tea and some of their Vietnamese desserts they had behind a beautiful glass display.

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