Manny’s House of Pizza

May 8th, 2019 / review / No Comments


15 Arcade Alley Nashville, TN 37219

(615) 242-7144

While Nashville is home of hot chicken and barbecue, there are many other food options to choose from.  Manny’s House of Pizza is the best of the best for a slice of heaven.

Manny’s is located in The Arcade part of Nashville which is essentially a 2 floor alley way with wall to wall shops and small restaurants. I was originally down here to try some Ethiopian food but they were closed and once I got a smell of the pizza I was hooked in.

I ordered a slice of cheese and it was ready in no time.  The sauce had a hint of garlic and herb which went so well with the mozzarella and amazing crust.  This style of pizza is my favorite and I love one large slice of pie to hold me over for awhile.

So if you are looking for something quick and delicious in Nashville slide into Manny’s House of Pizza.  I promise they won’t disappoint.  I have to try some more places in The Arcade next time I am around but another slice of pizza will most likely be in the mix also.

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