Pho 616

October 31st, 2018 / review / No Comments


435 Ionia Ave SW
Grand Rapids, Michigan
(616) 724-4480

The Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan is an indoor market with over 20 food and drink vendors for all your needs.  One of these is Pho 616, a Vietnamese spot that serves some authentic dishes at a very affordable price.

I have passed by Pho 616 in the market before en route to other places but this time my destination was set for here.  Walking up I see only a handful of tables.  Looking over the menu they offer Pho which is a Vietnamese soup and Banh Mi which is a Vietnamese sandwich.  With only 3 or 4 things on their menu I knew they had to be quality.

I ordered a Banh Mi and was not expecting what I got.  Banh Mi is a sandwich on a Vietnamese baguette with various cuts of meat and a veggies then topped with Cilantro and a chili sauce.  Some places serve them hot while others like Pho 616 serve them as a cold cut.  This Banh Mi consists of house made chicken and pork pâté, egg and olive oil aioli, Asian bbq pork, steamed pork, and head cheese with pickled daikon, carrots and radish.  It’s finished with cilantro and fresh jalapenos.  So many ingredients packed into a giant baguette.

I added a little Sriracha but otherwise this sandwich had so much amazing flavors with all the different meats it really didn’t need anything.  The pickled veg on top added a nice crunch and the bread was fresh and light.  I could only handle eating half the sandwich as it was huge.


Next time I will try their Pho but with the Banh Mi here being large enough two people to share that makes for a very great priced lunch.  They also offer a combo with a Vietnamese iced coffee and Banh Mi for around $7 which gives you a wonderful drink to go with your sandwich.

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