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435 Ionia SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503

One of my favorite things happening today is the rise of markets.  While seasonal markets have always been a staple in Michigan, indoor markets are starting to pop up and give us a mall food court vibe with amazing options.  The Downtown Market in Grand Rapids is where I am at today and my first stop was Rak Thai.
When walking around I saw Rak Thai had a smaller line then others and since I wanted to hit a couple places in here I figured I would start there.  The lunch crowd was just clearing out of The Downtown Market and I was able to order my food and find a seat with no problem.  The dish I went with was chicken Pad Thai.  I got the mild spice level this time because with some Thai cuisine it can be literally a hot mess.  Thai chilies are no joke and I did not want to spend hours after trying to get my palate cleared and back to normal because of a over-spicy dish.

The dish came out real quick and the presentation of it was beautiful.  It was served in a to go container which helped me in case I wanted to save some for another meal later.  The sprigs of Cilantro on  top added a beautiful fresh element that was followed by the crunch of the carrots and sprouts.

The noodles were very flavorful and what made this sauce a little different than other Pad Thai’s I have had in the past was it had a citrus bite to it but in such a good way.  The eggs were also very fluffy and everything was balanced out with some peanuts on top.

Next time I am here I will be trying one of their more spicy dishes such as the drunken noodles or kimchi fried rice.  Rak is next to a sushi place so really anyone can get their fix on this one isle alone.  If you decide this is too much food to eat and you want to bring your leftovers home make sure however NOT to leave them on the roof of your car like I did… *pout face*

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  1. Joel Bruner says:

    Dude!! Awesome site, keep up the good work. This place sounds awesome, leaving the food on top of the car does not, but it’s good to know you are finding some Thai food even in the cold weather 🙂 take care, all the best

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