Lagniappe Cajun Creole Eatery

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145 Jackson Cut Alley Marquette, MI 49855, United States
(906) 226-8200

Marquette Michigan is about as far north of Louisiana as you can get but they have some of the best and most authentic Cajun Creole cuisine you can get in the world.  Lagniappe and Voodoo Bar is a basement restaurant and bar that will leave you sweating like you are in downtown New Orleans. 
The Voodoo bar is full of skulls and beads.  The flair and influence is everywhere.  Since I was waiting for my table I went up to the bar and decided to order a signature Hurricane.  This is a rum and fruit juice cocktail but at the Voodoo bar they offer it in 3 different categories.  I chose a category 4.  The fresh juice and rum was top notch and if I drank a few more I would definitely be feeling it in the morning.  Luckily they offer amazing meal options to help soak up all that alcohol.

Looking over the menu I decided to get a “lil bowl” of  Gumbo Ya Ya and a quarter Muffuletta.  The Gumbo Ya Ya came out first and I was instantly blown away.  This was far from a lil bowl and I was so happy.  The gumbo was filled with large pieces of andouille sausage and chicken in a broth that had so much flavor and a great spice.  In the center was a giant scoop of rice to help fill up my stomach real quick.

A Muffuletta is New Orleans signature sandwich.  Lagniappe’s is a giant round Italian sesame loaf filled with ham, provolone, house made cotto salami and mortadella and their famous olive spread.  It is served warm and comes with chips.  I ordered a quarter of one and am glad I did.  It was huge.  The house made mortadella was especially great and the crunch of the bread made this one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.  I have never heard of Muffuletta before today and am forever changed.

So when you are in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula be sure to head to Marquette and downstairs to Lagniappe.  The food is so good you will leave full, slightly buzzed and very happy.  Next time I go I will try to be there during one of their music nights.  I will also try to save some stomach space for dessert as they have Beignets which are amazing doughnuts.

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