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407 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL

When you go to Chicago most of the time you think deep dish when you think pizza.  I have never been a huge fan of deep dish so when I see New York style or jumbo slice I become excited.  While walking downtown I came across Bacci Pizzeria.  I saw on the sign at the door they are home of the jumbo slice and free pop and decided to stop in.

When inside I saw pizza pies larger then my car tires.  The person behind the counter saw my astonished face and told me they used their own recipe for sauce as well as their crust.  The pies I were staring at were 30 inches each and I could choose whatever slice looked the most appetizing.   I looked at the various large pies and decided to try a slice of the supreme.

When the slice arrives my jaw drops again.  The slice was so large they had to place it on a cafeteria tray with a piece of wax paper.  The supreme had your typical toppings although this one had sweet and spicy peppers as well as the normal green peppers which gave it a little extra flavor.  The crust they used was thicker and heavier then most hand tossed pizzas but in such a good way.  I could barely finish the one slice it was soo big.

So if you are in Chicago with a love for pizza but not necessarily deep dish be sure to find the nearest Bacci’s Pizzeria and order a giant slice you won’t regret.  There are 6 locations located in downtown Chicago and a handful of locations in the surrounding suburbs.


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