Bucharest Grill

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2040 Park Ave Detroit, MI 48226

While most big cities offer many diverse food options in small clusters (China Town, Little Italy)  Detroit has some of the best food intermingled in it’s many city streets.  You can have a bomb Thai place right next to a Coney spot or in this case some real good tacos next to the best Shawarma place I have ever been to.  I am of course talking about the Bucharest Grill.
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After helping out at a beer festival in the area I was heading to a after party VIP style at dark and dreary bar called The Park Bar.  Attached to this bar is a place called Bucharest Grill which is a walk up and order Shawarma joint that for the three hours or so I was at this party never had a dull moment.  With prob 15 employees elbow to elbow they are slinging out Shawarma at a very quick and efficient pace.

For those who don’t know about the Shawarma train it is an Arabic dish where they slow cook meat for as much as a day and stuff it in a wrap with cucumbers, tomatoes and whatever else they want then usually a sauce such as hummus tahini.  I ordered a Chicken Shawarma straight up which came to 5 bucks and was sent off to the side to wait.

I brought it upstairs to go back to my Whiskey n Ginger that was waiting and unwrapped it.  The Chicken Shawarma had tomato, lettuce, pickles, garlic, mayo and spices alongside the grilled and marinated chicken breast.  All this was wrapped in a pita and then foiled.  I apologize for the awful photo quality but when your light is very minimal it is hard to sometimes do justice to something so awesome.


The garlic and chicken are what hit me first bit and the flavor overwhelmed my senses.  I know most Middle Eastern cuisine has garlic as a main component and this was def one of those dishes.  The chicken was marinated wonderfully and with the mayo, garlic and pita it made for a great wrap that warmed and filled my insides up perfectly.


So whether you are looking for something late night, or on a budget, or can only go out to eat at one spot I would have to say Bucharest Grill is your stop.  Most all their Shawarmas are under $5 which means you can’t go wrong there either.  Be sure to bring gum or mints as you will feel like garlic for days.

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