Burrito Beach

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200 E. Ohio. Chicago, IL 60611

Located in The Windy City of Chicago is a fast food type Mexican restaurant that offers some awesome burritos and tacos at a great price and with fresh ingredients made every day.  Burrito Beach is the spot I speak of and nothing sounded better at that time then a burrito to fuel my walk around the city.

When walking in you see a small cafeteria style line with a clear and simple menu above to help you decide.  Looking at the toppings and options I see everything looking so fresh and smelling so good.  I scan a little more and decide to order the grass-fed beef brisket burrito with a side of chips and guacamole and a horchata to drink.

I move down the line and they ask what I want in it so I decided on rice and beans, lettuce, tomato, sour creme and cheese.  They throw it on there little grille press to make it a toasty burrito and then wrap it in foil and you move down the line.  Next I get a small order of guacamole, also home-made and a horchata to wash it all down.

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I started out munching on the chips and guac.  The chips were fried there and the guac was chunky and had a little sting to it which made it a very pleasant side.  The burrito was huge and since they grilled it the insides stayed inside of it instead of seeping out.  The problem with many giant burritos is that by the time you are a couple bites in the tortilla is giving out and falling apart.  Not the case here.

With only a couple bites left I still had plenty of ingredients left.  It is great to get almost every ingredient in every bite you take.  First off I have to say this is some of the best brisket I have ever had.  There was very little fat and it was seasoned and cooked perfect.  The beans and rice had a pleasant spice to them which went so well with the meat.  The veggies and cheese and sour cream also helped balance out this meal so it isn’t just all proteins.

So I went to the Streeterville location but with 5 other locations throughout Chicago there is no reason not to stop in and get some awesome tex-mex food.  They have one in the O’hare Airport so when you get stuck, and I know you will, at that airport with a layover you can at least not be stuck eating McDonald’s.  They also offer breakfast so get your chorizo burrito on and thank me later.

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