Chuey FU’s Latin-Asian Grub

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1131 Santa Fe Dr Denver, CO 80204
(720) 233-2897

I have never done a food truck review before because it’s almost impossible to put a location on them and to add to it most have a limited shelf life.  With that said this food truck in Denver blew my mind with it’s infusions and the concept alone was enough to write about.  I give you a Latin-Asian inspired Cuisine known as Chuey FU’s.

I ran into these guys at block party in the Santa Fe Art District of Denver.  The first Friday of the month they have a big almost block party for 3 hours where they show off some amazing artists and culture of a hidden Latin community.  We heard there was some graffiti being done on the back alleys and decided to head to this event. Since there isn’t a store front to show or any interior I decided to show you a pic of my fav graffiti piece.

Back to the reason we are here though and that is food.  You can choose between their meat or vegetarian options then you choose if you want them in 2 tacos, a burrito or in a rice bowl.  Because I was walking around I decided to order the Ancho Chili Chicken in a rice bowl.  I also ordered a house made strawberry-basil limeade.

The rice bowl was filled with rice then topped with the Ancho Chili Chicken in a sesame peanut sauce along side a cabbage mix, pickled red onion and cilantro.  The sesame peanut sauce went so well in the rice that I almost got back up to order more.  The chicken had a mild bite to it in the spice realm but other then that was such a great blend.  You get latin spices and you get asain which turned my two favorite styles of food into one.  It may have been the tequila in me but I swear I heard angels singing when I finished it.

The limeade was a great way to was it all down.  With a hint of basil in it and the perfect blend of sweet with sour it made me feel great about myself and I was ready to walk around looking at more wonderful art.


So if it isn’t the first Friday of the month you can always look for them on Twitter or on their website where they show their location for the day.  In February of 2016 they plan on opening a store front at the location I put in the map so be sure to head there and support this local business and get some bomb food while doing so.

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