Daddio’s Carry Outs

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567 College Ave
Holland, MI 49423

Located minutes from downtown is a small piece of heaven. From chicken to seafood, burgers to ribs, Daddio’s has what you need.

If you are not careful you will pass this place by without hesitation. Daddio’s is an old barber shop turned into a southern cooking take out joint.

I went in with intentions of getting food for me and my dad instead of just a meal for myself. I saw they had daily specials and asked what their special was for the day. A 1/4 slab of ribs with 6 pieces of chicken, fries and coleslaw all for 10.99. I ordered it and asked to sub the fries and slaw for mac & cheese.

This place was very small with no tables or a place to sit but I could smell the grills and that made my stomach growl. The walls are covered with old black and white pictures of famous musicians like BB King and Ray Charles. I saw a man come back from the grills with a steaming plate of ribs. There was so much food they had to set the empty container in the bag then fill it with food and wrap it tight because the lid would not close.


Daddio's Carry Outs
I went home and pulled out the container. The ribs were on top and the sauce smelled delicious. Daddio’s makes their own sauce from scratch and that makes me a happy camper. I split the ribs in half and took a couple pieces of chicken.


Daddio's Carry Outs

When I bit into one of the ribs bbq went and filled my mouth. It was slightly tangy with a small bite and the end. It was a runny sauce not sticky like ribs from other places.


Daddio's Carry Outs
I moved onto the chicken and was surprised at how crispy it was. For fried chicken it wasn’t that greasy and left a wonderful taste in my mouth. I love when you don’t feel the grease for hours after eating and I felt fine after this meal.


Daddio's Carry Outs
Next I dug into the mac & cheese which was super cheesy and had melted cheese in it along with the cheese sauce.

So all in all I would say stop in there and get a menu. Ask about their daily specials and you won’t be disappointed. Next time I will be trying some of their seafood and desserts. They also offer catering and will bring their grills to you and do special events.

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