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360 Douglas Ave. Holland, MI 49424


Located in Holland, Michigan is an authentic dutch bakery that offers some of the best breakfast in the Midwest.  And living in this town I get to go here numerous times so it is only fitting I spread my love for the lovely deBoer Bakkerij.

Upon walking inside you see the restaurant is split and half of it is actually a cafe and bakery featuring so many delicious looking pastries.  They offer many true dutch items such as krakelingen which is a sugary dutch pretzel and man those rock.  I ordered a couple of them with a coffee and waited patiently to be sat.

We were sat in no time and since I go here at least once a month I knew exactly what I wanted.  I ordered the dutch delight which is deBoer’s fiesta potatoes which have peppers and onions in them, then layered with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon, and sausage topped with  a wonderful sausage gravy.  It comes with your choice of homemade bread which I always get their wheat.  While waiting for the food you can doodle all over the tables as they are covered with paper as a tablecloth.  I decided to try out my not so artistic skill for a future logo option but will have to leave it to a professional.

When the food arrived I was soo hungry my stomach ached.  The time between arriving and getting food is very minimal even with them being a packed house.  This breakfast bowl is just everything you need to get you going for the day or send you back to sleep in a food coma.

You get everything in almost each bite which means it was distributed evenly.  I love how the meats and veggies are grilled to perfection and once you top something with sausage gravy you automatically can call this a win breakfast.

So whenever you come near the dutch town of Holland in Michigan and are awake for some wonderful breakfast be sure to stop into deBoer and leave happy and full.  And snag some awesome baked goods too for desert because next time I go in there I am going to get a stick of banquet which is an almond stick pastry that my great grandma used to make growing up so it brings back wonderful memories.

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