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2954 North Sheffield Ave., Chicago USA

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago is a burger bar that destroys when it comes to great food and great beer.  DMK is the burger spot and you need to get in here to chow down on a great burger.

It was pouring rain the day we went here and walking in I saw only a few people there.  I had come to Chicago to see a friend that moved here from Texas and she assured me this was the best burger place around.  The menu was a two sided super simple menu which offered beer and cocktails on one side and food on the other.  All of their burgers were made of grass-fed beef and the buns are made fresh daily to add a great burger with great toppings.
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Looking over the menu I decide to order their number 1 which was a burger with aged cheddar, smoked bacon, balsamic red onions and Rufus Teague’s BBQ sauce.  I also ordered a side of the Wisconsin cheddar & scallion fries.  I ordered a wonderful Pilsner from Cali and knew it would be crisp and go great with my meal and it did.

When I saw the burger I thought at first that it was a little smaller then most burgers but after my first bite I knew this was great.  The balsamic onions meshed so well with the aged cheddar and bacon.  The bun was just the right amount of bread and was a little dryer then your hamburger bun which rounded it out greatly.  The fries were phenomenal and had a great taste, however I did not care for the cheese topping.  It was just a dry cheese and I couldn’t get a good feel for it.  If I could get a side of those onions I would bring them home and slab them on a balsamic steak off the grill.

So next time you are around the Chicago area be sure to stop in and get a burger like no other.  The server and everyone else I talked to said I try the truffle cream fries as they are far better and I will gladly give them another try since the fry itself was so great.  They also offer vegetarian options as well and have a couple other Chicago locations one being inside Soldier Field.

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