Eggroll Express

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11190 Chicago Dr #6
Zeeland, MI 49464

Bordering Holland and Zeeland, Eggroll Express is a wonderful central location for many commuters between the cities. Though it may not look like much on the surface this place will not leave you disappointed.

When I first walked in I saw a very small dining area and the menu plastered all over the walls. This is a very common layout for fast food Chinese restaurants in the US. I was told about this place from one of my tattoo artists Matt who swears this is amazing Chinese food. Even with his recommendation I was skeptical but had to give it a try because some of the best food in the world comes from some of the oddest and beat down places.

I looked over the menu and ordered the Orange Chicken lunch special. That included fried rice and 2 crab-meat rangoons. I love crabmeat rangoons so was already nervous for how these would taste. The total was around 5 dollars which is a very good price for how much food you get.

 While I waited for my food I talked to the man who out owned the place. His name was Han Po Oang and he and his wife owned the place and are the only ones who work there. They have poured their lives into this place and it has paid off for them and their family. They have been able to send all of their children through college with no problems.

My food arrived and I sat down and it smelled great. I took a bite of the orange chicken first and it was real tasty. The orange sauce was very different then others I have tried before and I could definitely taste a freshness and citrus flavor to it. I asked Han if he makes his own sauces and he said all his sauces and mixtures are made from scratch and have been since they opened. I love when a restaurant doesn’t use pre-made sauces or pre-marinated meats or such for their recipes. I next took a bite of the rangoon and it was wonderful. I looked in and saw a large pink chunk of crab and cheese gooing out which made me even more happy. I dipped my rangoons in the homemade sweet & sour and went to town.

In the end I say this place has made me remember to not judge a book by its cover. With that said enjoy I know I’ll be back for more.

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