Fat Burrito

October 4th, 2011 / review / No Comments


3008 W Shore Dr.
Holland, MI 49424

Up until now I have shown only places where the meal is under $5. In the present day it is real hard to find certain foods at a decent price. I have posted a couple of my favorite spots to eat tacos but now it is time for a great burrito spot. Fat Burrito is known for its large portions and great flavor. I go here whenever I have an afternoon off to relax and be full.

Today I went in and ordered a small, which is still 12 inches, El Famoso Shanahan dry and a large horchata. Horchata is a latin milk like beverage that is made with spices and a milk substitute. Mexican horchata is made from rice milk with vanilla and cinnamon. I endorse horchata soo much that I finished and had to order a second one for my meal. The burrito came to around 7 dollars which is a little more then I usually pay for lunch but there is enough food for two meals here. My food came and I rushed home.

I got home and opened it up. I cut my burritos in twos and save half for a second meal. There were soo many toppings the tortilla could barely hold it all in. Chicken, steak, beans, lettuce, cheese and sour cream make this my favorite of their burritos by far. I get it dry because I like picking up the burrito and eating it, but you can order them wet and get it smothered with more cheese and their homemade sauce.

Normally I don’t take pictures of me eating unless I want to show you size of an item in proportion to my large self.

I recommend Fat Burrito to anyone who wants a delicious mexican taste in a large portion. Great for couples, families or multiple meals, Fat Burrito has it all for you. They have a vegetarian menu as well as a slim menu for people watching their figures.

Before I leave you I have to say that Fat Burrito also has a Mucho Burrito Challenge. This is a large(16inch) wet burrito with over 3 pounds of toppings. You have to eat it in under 10 minutes in order to get a shirt and I believe your meal for free. I don’t think I will be able to do the challenge but some friends will be helping me in the future so I can post about it.

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