Flap Jack

April 1st, 2016 / review / No Comments

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3000 E Grand River Ave
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 351-0630

Breakfast in a college town is no joke.  When visiting a friend at Michigan State University in Lansing she suggested we stop into a Flap Jack for breakfast.  She had the right idea and that’s for sure.

Walking in this place looks just like most diners.  Booths and tables scattered about, placemats with various businesses advertised on them.  As I sit down o look over the menu our server comes real quick asking for our drink orders.  I ordered a coffee and went back to looking over the menu.  They offer every breakfast stable you can think of so it is just a matter of what sounds right for you.  I figured you can’t go wrong with an omelette and since they have a create your own omelette on the menu I went with that.  I chose an omelette with ham, peppers, mushrooms and cheese.  It came with a side of either bread or silver dollar pancakes so I chose wheat toast.

The omelette was cooked perfect and packed with toppings.  The cheese was melted and the fresh veggies were hot on the inside making it an all around great choice.  I hate when you order an omelette with fresh veggies and they are cold on the insides.  Gotta sweat them a little for softness and warmth and at Flap Jack they cover that.

So whether you are needing a breakfast to help you recover from a night of partying at MSU or just wanting somewhere wonderful to start your day, Flap Jack has your back.  They also offer Vegetarian options as well as Gluten Free giving those with restrictions somewhere to eat.

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