Georgio’s Pizza

March 19th, 2015 / review / No Comments


15 Ionia, Suite 140
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 356-4600

When walking around the streets of Grand Rapids at 2:30am after a night of successful barhopping I came across a pizza place like I have never seen.  Where you can purchase large slices of heaven I stumbled into Georgio’s Gourmet Pizza.

When walking into this long and narrow dining room you see a large menu of pizza options and various booths and bench seats.  What brings this place to the realm of awesome is that they sell slices of pizza with some serious topping options.

I looked over the numerous slices and decided to do their 2 slices and a pop deal.  I was also told to snag one of their breadstixx so I had to comply.  I chose a slice of mac n cheese pizza with bacon and a slice of pesto and tomato.  I got my drink and sat back in a bench to await a great meal.

The slice of pesto and tomato came out first since it was a thinner slice then the mac n cheese.  The pesto was real mild and had a wonderful flavor that went real well with the cheese and giant slices of tomato on it.  The crust was crunchy and done perfect, not overcooked or burnt at all.

DSC02229 DSC02231
Next came the slice of mac n cheese with bacon as well as the breadstick.  I have never seen a pizza like this before and it looked so cool.  It looks like they literally poured a bowl of macaroni and cheese on top of a pie and then sprinkled bacon on top.  The noodles are creamy and the crust was a little burnt but held up when you picked it up so that was good.  The breadstick was soft and had a fresh garlic taste to help go with everything.

So next time you are around Grand Rapids, Lansing or Chicago be sure to stop into Georgio’s and grab a slice of greatness.  Most locations are open til 4 or 5 in the morning so you can get your late night munch on and go to sleep full and satisfied.  Next time I go in I will be trying there chicken parm and their cheeseburger pie.

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