Green Dot Stables

December 16th, 2015 / review / 1 Comment

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2200 West Lafayette
Detroit, 48216
(313) 962-5588

Located in the West Industrial side of Detroit is a sliders bar that offers combinations/infusions like you have never seen on a bun before.  I’m of course talking about Green Dot Stables.
There’s nothing around this place but industrial factories and such so it seems a bit confusing at first but once you walk in you see that there’s a 45 minute wait and no where to sit you know you are in the right place.

DSC02459 DSC02460
They have a bar in the back with a few picnic tables to wait for your table to be ready so naturally I order a whiskey and sit back.  All over are fun signs and the one that caught my eye was the “Try our Mystery Meat” sign.  I asked about it and the server pointed out they offer a mystery meat which is their version of a special slider.  Today’s mystery meat was Mahi Mahi but I wasn’t feeling fish today so decided against it.


I looked over the menu and decided to get The Cuban, The Korean, and The cheeseburger.  I also chose an order of Le Poutine fries and some Mac & Cheese.  I know it’s a lot of food but c’mon its all under $3 an item.

The mac & cheese was garlicky with a taste of Parmesan which is rare in mac n cheese.  I loved them so much I forgot to take a pic so sorry 🙂  The Le Poutine fries had such a great taste.  The gravy was not to salty and the curds were soft and warm.  I am 50/50 on Poutines because I don’t like a chunky cheese that isn’t melted on my fries but these were soft and went great with the gravy.

The cheeseburger was your everyday burger with a pickle, onion and cheese on it but was still tasty.  The power couple however was The Cuban and The Korean.  The Cuban had pork loin, ham, mustard, pickle and jack cheese.  The pork was so good on it and the combination of everything was as if you were in a small restaurant in Cuba sweating your balls off.  The Korean, which was probably my favorite of the entire meal, was a beef patty with peanut butter and kimchi.  First off if you have never had kimchi you should change that real quick.  It is essentially a fermented Korean slaw.  There are many different styles and ingredients but this one had a little spice to it and offered such an extreme blend with the peanut butter my taste buds went into shock.


So regardless if you are looking for a small bite to eat or starving and want to devour numerous small bites Green Dot Stables is the spot for you.  They are open late and can also help your beer and liquor needs to as they have a great bar to order from.  Next time I am around there I will venture into trying their venison chili cheese fries and whatever their mystery meat is.

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    More true words were never spoken. This review is right on!

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