Hennessy’s Irish Pub @ Restaurant

June 10th, 2014 / review / 1 Comment

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885 Jefferson St
Muskegon, MI 49440
(231) 728-3333

Located in downtown Muskegon, Michigan is an Irish Pub that offers a great deal on a pint and burger and also has a wonderful atmosphere to it.  Welcome to Hennessy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant.

I realized two things upon walking into this place.  One was that this place was a lot bigger then inside then it appeared from the outside and two that my group and I were some of the only people in here.  That can be good in the sense that people don’t know about this place or bad in the sense people don’t want to eat there.  It being a Saturday afternoon though it started filling up as we looked over the menus.

I normally don’t show off the appetizers on here but the Smoked Gouda Stix were just amazing.  I love mozzarella sticks and have never had a different cheese fried but love Gouda so figured I would give them a try and it was worth it.  They were served with toasted pita chips as well as a marinara, a garlic aioli and a balsamic chive sour cream for dipping.

When the time came to order food they had a special for a burger and pint for 6.99.  I chose the Guinness portabella mushrooms and swiss burger with sweet potato fries.  To go with the Guinness burger I ordered a stout to drink that was made especially for this bar from a nearby brewery.

The burger was slightly overcooked but with  the Guinness portabellas and melted swiss you it did not lack flavor one bit.  I also thought the sweet potato fries were crispy and wonderful to add to the pairing of the stout and mushrooms.

So if you are around downtown Muskegon and want to find a good burger to eat with some great beer and apps then check out Hennessy’s Irish Pub.  The atmosphere is cozy and the food is on point.  And don’t forget to get the Smoked Gouda Stixx for a great app.

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  1. Morgan says:

    This place,also has great traditional Irish food. The bar staff is amazing, for a special occasion ask for the rainbow shot.

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