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371 Merrimon Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 232-4340

I am going to be very up front when I say that the best fried chicken is in Asheville, North Carolina.  If you don’t believe me you haven’t been to HomeGrown yet.

Walking in you see the menu on a giant chalkboard.  We got there right between brunch and dinner so we had to order off the brunch menu which offered a lot of the same menu items.  I was told by numerous people to try the buttermilk fried chicken so that is what I did.  I ordered the fried chicken dinner with a jelly biscuit on the side.

Everything from the meal came local and organic which is always a plus.  Everything is made from scratch and the chicken grew up on a farm a couple miles away from the restaurant.  HomeGrown makes sure it has a good relationship with its farmers and customers.

The chicken was crunchy and so clean tasting.  I felt there was no grease to it which made me happy knowing it was fried and not soaking in oil.  The seasoning was delicious and if I could get the recipe I would pay hundreds for it.

The gravy to dip the chicken in was a mushroom garlic gravy and it had such a wonderful flavor that when you dipped the chicken in it completely changed the profile of the meal.

The biscuit was so light n fluffy and came with a homemade blackberry jelly which was also wonderful.

So if you are within a days drive of Asheville and want the best fried chicken ever then I recommend you head to HomeGrown.  I had to apologize to my mother for finding somewhere else to get amazing chicken but she understands.

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