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2233 Park Ave
Detroit, MI 48201

Downtown Detroit has restaurants and bars on almost every corner.  The array of food is there and you can really find it all.  I stopped into Hot Taco to see what it was about and am now I’m hooked.

This place is very small with maybe 20 seats inside but the smells and open kitchen make it something I like because one of my favorite things is watching a place prepare my food.  Their menu offers various burritos and tacos with a special of 3 tacos for 6 dollars.  I looked over the menu and ordered a hot chicken, a pork and a veggie taco with a water to drink.

When the food came it was in a brown bag with 3 foil-wrapped tacos.  I first unwrapped the pork taco and dug in.  The ancho bbq mixed with the pork gave it a wonderful flavor with a little spice to it.

Next was the hot chicken.  I took a couple bites and the spice from the chicken mixed with the homemade verde salsa on it gave my nose a run.

Lastly I opened and began to eat the veggie which I have to say was my favorite of the three.  The avacado mixed with beans n salsa verde as well as pico de gayo made this a very fresh and wonderful taco to end on.

Whether the Lions or Tigers are playing and you are cheering them on or just in town for business make sure you have a stop in Hot Taco and dig into some good authentic Mexican tacos.  They are open til 2am every night to help after those long shifts at the bar drinking too.

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