Jackson’s Big Oak Barbecue

July 4th, 2014 / review / No Comments


920 South Kerr Avenue, Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC is home to some awesome bars and great beach access.  Normally I avoid beach towns because they are tourist traps and I like to hit the hidden spots but I was visiting friends who assured me there are gems here.  Jackson’s Big Oak Barbecue is one of these gems which did not disappoint.

Walking in I see walls covered with pictured of celebrities and athletes that have enjoyed this place and their barbecue since 1984.  They slow cook their pork every night to ensure it is fresh every day.

We get sat and look over the menu.   Featuring your staples for bbq and the south I decided to go with the Barbecue Pork and Ribs dinner which came with two sides, cornbread sticks and hushpuppies.  I chose mac n cheese and green beans as my sides and a large sweet tea since I was in the south and all.

The food came out in no time and I was happy to see decent portions steaming from the Styrofoam dishes.  The ribs were heavily sauced which is what I like.  Now I normally do not like Carolina Barbecue Sauce because I am not a vinegar guy but with their sauce I was impressed.  The meat from the ribs fell off the bone and was so soft and wonderful, not dry or burnt.

The pulled pork was also very moist and great.  I ate it real quick before I remembered to take a pic so I apologize there.  It is one of the hardest parts in being a food critic is remembering to take pictures when you want to just eat eat eat!!  The green beans were so tasty and the mac n cheese was creamy and great also.

So if you find yourself heading to Wilmington to enjoy a day on the beach or a night downtown make sure you stop into Jackson’s Big Oak Barbecue and chow down on some great Carolina Barbecue.  Also be sure to eat the hushpuppies and cornbread sticks because they are so good but do not eat them all before your meal comes or you won’t have room for all that this barbecue has to offer.

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