Jean Kays Pasties

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1635 Presque IsleMarquette, MI 49855

Located on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan is the town of Marquette.  In Marquette is Jean Kay’s Pasties which brings a staple of the north into the mouths of everyone who passes through.

Pulling up to Jean Kay’s I see we are the only ones here.  We walk in look over the menu.  They offer subs as well but I didn’t drive this far for a sandwich I want a pastie.  A pastie, or pasty as it is sometimes called, is a large pastry stuffed with vegetables and meat.  They were used as meals for miners who used to come up here and work in mines for long hours.

The pastie choices here are steak, steak and rutabaga or vegetarian.  I chose a steak and rutabaga with a side of gravy and a Vernors to drink.  The pasties here are only 4.50 a piece and for the amount of food you get that is a great deal.

Me and my friends took a couple tables outside and waited for our meals.  The pastie was huge and smelled great.  Vernors which is a big name ginger ale is really only found in Michigan and is my favorite ginger ale.

I cut the pastie open and took a couple bites.  The potatoes and rutabaga was wonderful and cooked perfectly and the steak inside had a peppery spice to it that made this such a good meal.  The crust was flaky and not to dry.  The gravy also added a great sauce to the mix however this pastie is great with or without the gravy.

If you are anywhere near Marquette, Michigan be sure to stop into Jean Kay’s Pasties and order the best pastie in the north!  Before I left the employee working showed me where they prepared these and also told me they ship frozen pasties which means I can get some shipped home for the cold winter ahead.

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