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105 Clairemont Ave, Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-8031

Located just east of Atlanta in the suburb of Decatur is a Korean-Mexican fusion shop that offers some of the best Korean BBQ I’ve had.  I am talking about K BBQ Taco and this is where you should go get your next taco.

Walking up this place is very small with a bar to sit in and only a couple tables.  Only one guy working who I assume is the owner.  The menu is filled with plenty of Korean BBQ classics such as bulgogi (Korean beef) but with a Mexican twist.  I order the Korean Beef Taco and stand back to watch the man work.
Korean BBQ often has a meat paired with various spices and slaws.  This BBQ taco has kimchi on it which is one of my favorite things in the world.  kimchi is a spicy fermented slaw.  The taco looked and smelled amazing.  The onions and cabbage in the kimchi went so well with the beef.  The spices mixed so well also giving this a nice almost sweet  beginning to end with a good bite of heat.  It came on a flour tortilla which I think helped balance it out to not be to spicy.

They also offer various dishes like Pho in case you are looking for a bigger meal but this was the perfect snack to help me continue to walk around the Decatur area.  Next time I will order more then one taco since I devoured that in no time.

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