Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger

October 3rd, 2012 / review / No Comments


551 South Division Ave Ann Arbor, MI

Since 53′ no place in Ann Arbor has succeeded in being the best at its burger making like Blimpy Burger.  I drove by here on my way to campus and saw a line out the door.  I knew this was my kinda place.

I walked up to the line which was still outside the building and awaited my experience.  The smells alone are making my mouth water and I haven’t even seen a burger yet.  Once inside I can see the small burger joint crammed with people and tables.  The line wrapped around the inside of the place and up to the cafeteria style ordering.

When you get to the counter there are various signs of humor and instruction.  This place reminded me of the soup kitchen from Seinfeld.  They had a sign that told you how to order and were very persistent on ordering right.  If you had a cell phone out they wouldn’t serve you either which made me even more happy.  Having a variety of toppings and add-ons means you can order your burger over 2,147,483,648 different ways.  I decided to order a triple with no grilled add-ons and an order of fries.  I then said I wanted american cheese, lettuce, pickle, mayo, mustard and ketchup.

Because of how busy the place was I took it to go and rushed back to my hotel to devour this food.  The grease from the burger and fries had soaked through the bag and I had to peel the wrapper off.  I always get worried when I eat really greasy food that it is going to either be awful tasting or the grease is going to sit with me all day.  The burger looked like a mush pile but smelled soo good that I couldn’t resist any more.  The meat, cheese and toppings melted in my mouth and the flavor was soo good I ate faster.  The burger patties were thin so this I would say two of them are a normal burger patty from any fast food chain.  The fries were good but I had forgot to order ketchup so it made them seem a little dyer then normal.  I ended up using my wrapper for dipping since there was mustard and mayo on it from the burger.

So if you are around Ann Arbor and want a great burger with unlimited combinations for topping Blimpy Burger is right for you.  Make sure you follow the signs and pay attention to the ladies taking your order or you will get rejected and laughed at by everyone else in the restaurant.



Blimpy Burger has moved and I have not been in to try the new location.  The photos and review are of the old Blimpy Burger but the address is the updated location.

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