La Hacienda

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1011 136th Ave.
Holland, MI 49424

Located in North Holland across from Harbor Lights Middle School is a cozy little Mexican restaurant where the food is authentic and affordable.  La Hacienda is where I spent my Thursday lunchtime.

La Hacienda was once an ice cream place I frequented.  After I heard it closed I was a little bummed until I realized it was replaced by an ice cream and Mexican restaurant.  When walking in you see a small room with a few tables and booths for limited seating but since it wasn’t busy I had plenty of seating options.

While looking over the menu I was brought a water and some house-made chips and salsa.  They offered a verde salsa and a spicy red salsa.  I didn’t much like the verde but I have never been a huge fan of tomatillos anyway.  The red salsa however was phenomenal .  It offered a great flavor and a build up to a nice heat.  I hate when someone makes a salsa hot just for the heat and never backs it with good flavor and this place was not that.

Since it was Thursday their special was any torta for $3.99.  I decided to order an asada(steak) torta as well as a chicken flauta.  A torta is a Mexican sandwich and a flauta is a taco rolled up and fried.  The food came out in no time and smelled wonderful.  I decided to start with the flauta since I got it as more of an appetizer.

The flauta chicken was seasoned nicely and the whole thing was fried great.  It was topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream.  The balance of cold to hot was great with each bite.

The torta was next on the list and after adding a good amount of their hot red sauce I was ready to dig in.  The torta was filled with lettuce, tomato, beans, cheese, mayo and avacado.  Normally they come with onions and jalapenos but I asked for mine without.  It came on a toasted bread that was great tasting and to crunchy either.  The meat was shredded steak and grilled perfect. The beans and avocado I think helped finish this sandwich off.  The beans tasted homemade and who doesn’t love a good amount of avocado on their sandwich.

So next time you are hungry and in the area for good and quick Mexican food be sure to check out La Hacienda.  They offer $5.99 lunch specials every day and dollar tacos all day Monday.  And as always get a glass of Horchata to wash it all down since that is the best beverage in the world!

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