La Probadita

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La Probadita, 19 S State St, 49420 Hart
(231) 873-4069

When on vacation sometimes we find ourselves in large cities eating and drinking at some wonderful spots.  Other times we find ourselves in towns like Hart where they have the only street light in the county.  Michigan’s hidden gem of a town has a Mexican grocery and restaurant where the taste is as about as authentic as it comes.  I give you La Probadita.

When walking in you see the grocery store shelves lined with Mexican staple foods from fresh breads to tortillas and chilies.  Walking to the back of the store you see a wonderful smelling kitchen where the cooks are slinging out some awesome food.

Looking over the menu I decided to go with an Al Pastor burrito.  I grab a Jarritos pineapple and sat down awaiting my lunch  The cashier brought me some house made chips and salsa and I sat back watching soccer on the tv.  The salsa was delicious and the chips tasted great to, not greasy or over salty.

The burrito came and I smelled some wonderful flavors.   Al Pastor is my go to generally when I try a new Mexican place.  It is a slow cooked pork generally marinated with other things such as pineapple or onion with some amazing spices.  It takes time and in my opinion is more rare then your everyday asada or pollo.  The burrito was stuffed with the juicy pork as well as pineapple and onion, tomato, cheese and beans.  It was so filling and just writing this review I want to go back and order one.


They have an ATM but otherwise it is a cash only spot and the kitchen is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so plan accordingly but everything else about this place is wonderful.  I plan on trying out a torta next time since that is usually my next go to in the Mexican food realm.

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