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61 East 9th St Holland, MI 49423

Located in downtown Holland, Lemonjello’s Coffee is the best spot for a vegan or vegetarian delight.  With a wide range of vegan and gluten-free baked goods as well as non, Lj’s offers a little something for everyone. Everyday they have a soup as well as a wonderful Vegan/Gluten-free chili.

Located on the corner of College and 9th, Lemonjello’s is right between Hope College and downtown Holland. I frequent here daily for their coffee and tea.  The quiet and relaxed atmosphere allows for a place to get work done while supporting something awesome.  The majority of their menu items are Fairly Traded and Organic. They also have a wonderful recycle and compost program which allows them to be 95% trash free.

I was here for lunch so decided to order a cup of chili and a bagel.  The total came to $4.50 and that made me smile.  Since I already had an iced coffee earlier I got a refill for 50 cents and made the total an even $5. Everything here is on the quarter and tax included to make your purchase even easier.  I got my meal and sat down to eat.

The bagel I got was a veggie bagel and it went great with the chili which was packed with veggies in it.


There was corn and zucchini as well as tomatoes and beans.  The spice was enough to have a little kick but not have it overpower.  I really  like the zucchini in it and knowing that it’s made in house adds to the appeal. Even though I am a carnivore I cannot tell this being vegan from other chili I’ve had with meat.

So if you want a healthy meal that will fill you up and not not disappoint then Lemonjello’s Coffee has something for you.

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