Lincoln’s 50,000 Silver Dollars

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Exit 16, Interstate 90
Haugan, MT 59842
(406) 678-4242

Located just east of the Montana/Idaho border is a very unique shop.  Open since 1952 Lincoln’s 50,000 Silver Dollars is a restaurant, casino, bar, motel, gas station and gift shop.  It is Montana’s largest gift shop.  With no where to stop for awhile we decided to check it out and grab a bite for lunch.

When you walk into the bar you see silver dollars covering the walls and counter tops.  After walking around seeing all the random knick-knacks and tourist stuff my stomach started growling so I headed into the restaurant for some lunch.
I ordered the bacon egg n cheeseburger with fries and a sprite to drink as my server suggested.  It’s always good to go with the servers recommendations because this is their spot and they know whats best most of the time.  Plus I love an excuse to add bacon or eggs to anything.

When my meal came I was impressed.  The burger was made of a hand pressed half pound patty with thick sliced bacon an egg and lots of american cheese.  It’s then topped fresh lettuce, onions, tomato and pickles. I added mustard and ketchup and dug in.

The burger was soo big I could barely hold it.  The fresh crisp veggies allowed this to have a great garden taste.  The bacon was thick and cooked just right not to be burnt or chewy which went great with the melted cheese and egg.

The fries were thick and not to salty to make this a very filling and cost efficient meal.  After eating it I felt a large nap coming on but knew I had a long trip ahead of me so I walked around the gift shop and then headed out.

So if you are heading anywhere near the Montana/Idaho border and want a great meal or just awesome tourist experience be sure to stop in at Lincoln’s 50,000 Silver Dollars.  They have something for everyone and if nothing more it is a great place to stretch your legs and get a meal.

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