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475 West 17th Street
Holland, MI 49423

Since I can remember, Margarita’s has been the staple for Mexican cuisine in Holland, Michigan. I normally stay away from here, not because of their food, but because of their price. It is hard for me to grasp the idea of 7-12 dollars for a taco plater. But today was Taco Tuesdays and I heard they have a Taco Tuesdays special so I went to check it out.

Some of my crew and I arrived right about 11:30AM and got a table right away. We arrived right in time because moments after we sat down and ordered the place started filling up. Their special for Taco Tuesdays is 99 cent tacos. A chicken or beef taco with whatever you want in it for less then a buck!!

I ordered 4 tacos, 2 chicken and 2 beef. I got sour cream, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes on them because I am a huge fan of the american style topping choice.

While we waited for our food they brought us homemade chips and salsa. Their salsa is a delicious, not to spicy, salsa. We cleared the chip baskets and salsa bowls out right before our food came to us.

Individually wrapped these tacos smelled great. I opened one, poured sour cream on and dug in.

After eating the first taco without taking a breath, I opened the other three up to get sour cream on them and work on getting them to cool off a little.

The tortillas were a little undercooked but that wasn’t too big od a deal because they didn’t fall apart like some corn tortillas do.

They also used two corn tortillas to make each taco. Ive seen places double up on corn tortillas so they don’t fall apart, but never use two to make a larger taco.

In conclusion these aren’t my favorite tacos in Holland but for the price you really can’t go wrong. I recommend you give them a try and put some salsa on them with a large Horchata to drink.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Each and every time I visit this restaurant,I talk to the owner (my neighbor as well). He will always ask how my meal was. I always tell him “I’m not sure why I did it again!” he will look concerned, then I explain the food was so good I just couldn’t leave any behind and I know my stomach will hate me later, but it was worth it.

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