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October 19th, 2016 / review / No Comments

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1514 Pike Pl, Ste 8
Seattle, Washington
(206) 624-1234

Seattle is one of the best cities to get great eats.  One of these wonderful things is the vast array of seafood.  While walking down to the Pike’s Place Market I stopped across the street from the market and stopped into The Market Diner where they offer great fried seafood.

I wasn’t looking to eat anything large since I was going to be walking around Pikes all day tasting whatever I can as I wonder.  I ordered the seafood n chips special.  This came with fried clams, shrimp and fries.

The clams and shrimp were giant.  They were battered and seasoned perfectly and I don’t think I have ever had fried clams this good.  The fries were cooked crispy and didn’t have a fish flavor which made me happy to cause it means they probably.

So if you are looking for something not heavy and not to greasy be sure to stop into The Market Diner across from Pike’s Place.  They also offer clam chowder which smelled wonderful.  I will be getting that next time.

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