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July 8th, 2014 / review / 1 Comment

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3500 Cedar Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Since I started this site I have longed for the opportunity to head to Minneapolis for a true burger.  Soundset Music Festival was such an opportunity and when I asked my buddy Chris to tag along for a weekend of great music, food and drink he couldn’t resist either.  While in the city we had no choice but to stop into Matt’s Bar the home of the Jucy Lucy.

This bar and burger joint has been open since 1954 and has been serving up this masterpiece ever since.  A Jucy Lucy is two burger patties with cheese melted in between them then bunned with grilled onions, pickle, ketchup and mustard.  When told about this by some family in the area I knew this was something I would enjoy.

They were about to close and we were told we were lucky because usually it is standing room only with a line down the street. We snagged two seats right at the bar which gave me the perfect view of the grill-top and fryer set up which was right at the end of the bar.

We ordered a Jucy Lucy each and a half order of fries to split with a local beer to was it down with.  When he was cooking my meal the cook/bartender and I exchanged conversation about beer and the city and what else to around here.  Since this was our  last night in town I wasn’t trying to get too crazy but could always use something fun to do.  When the burger was done he warned me about how it needs to cool down or it will scorch your mouth.

The burger was giant and despite being warned I only waited a few minutes before plunging my teeth into it.  I was shot with a mouthful of melted cheese and almost had to spit the bite out due to the heat.  The cheese was literally the center of the burger and it went everywhere once the first bite was taken.  The onions and pickle allowed a wonderful flavor accompany and a burger must have mustard and ketchup on it which also added to the awesome.

The half order of fries was a giant basket of overflowing crispy fries lightly salted and I’m glad I was sharing them or else I would never be able to finish.

So I would have to say that being able to conquer the original Jucy Lucy from Matt’s Bar has made me feel refreshed and ready for more.  If ever near Minneapolis be sure to slide in there and order one yourself but be sure to give it time to cool or you will face the pain of melted cheese.

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