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115 Albert Ave.
East Lansing, MI 48823

Located in East Lansing, Menna’s Joint has been a staple chow place for Spartans for years. I heard about this place while visiting some friends who go to Michigan State. They told me of a cheap spot where you get super filling and super affordable Dubs. I had to check it out. What is a Dub you say? Well they define it as: Simply the most original, obscenely delicious, and wildly addictive grilled wrap sandwich in the world. They weren’t lying either.   

As soon as I got to the door I smiled. The party/stoner lifestyle this place portrays made me remember wanting to eat random foods at crazy hours of the night, but not having anywhere to get them. Being a college town East Lansing thrives on places like this. Whether you are coming down from partying, or just studying late for a final, Menna’s is the place to end up.

The walls are covered with movie and music posters and in the background you hear Zepplin and Hendrix being played on the speakers. So I am already happy with the face of the place, now I just have to taste the food.

I walk up and see all the things I love on the menu. Ranch, bacon, taters….ahhh Im so overwhelmed. I looked at the menu for a few minutes then ordered a 10″ Loaded Dub. It has bacon, cheddar, mozz, ranch, potato, and sour cream. He asked if I wanted a drink or fries. I guess today’s special was free fries or a drink. I ordered their loaded fries which had bacon and cheese added to them and a glass for water. The total was under 4 dollars and that made me even more happy.


The food arrived and I dug in before I realized I was writing a post. Luckily my bud Devin took a pic of me killing it to remind me to take pics. So much flavor hit my mouth that I froze for a second.


The ranch and cheese melted around the crisp bacon and grilled potatoes. And the fries weren’t your everyday french fries. They used cut up potato and fried them then added more cheese and bacon. The meal was gone in no time and I am happy to give this place my stamp of approval.


If you can’t make it to East Lansing there are also locations in Kalamazoo, Mount Pleasent and Allendale.

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