MOD Pizza

May 2nd, 2013 / review / No Comments


305 Harrison St #221, Seattle, WA 98109

While walking around the Seattle Center you see all sorts of fancy restaurants such as the one atop the Space Needle.  When you want something fast and more affordable there is MOD Pizza.

Located all over Seattle and the surrounding suburbs MOD Pizza is there for you to grab a pizza wherever you are in the area.  MOD Pizza differs from other pizza shops because they sell a one size pizza with any combination of toppings for 7.17.  They offer over 30 toppings and every pizza is made to order.  They have specialty pizzas but I wanted to create my own and get my signature pie.

I ordered fresh peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic and ham with their MOD sauce.  The place was filled with scents of garlic and herbs.  When my pizza came I saw the bright colored peppers and the thin and crispy crust made this a great looking pie.  I love thin pizzas because it makes me feel less embarrassed if I eat the whole thing.

I started eating and loved everything about it.  The first bite gave me a great taste of garlic and sauce with a piece of ham.  The sauce has very herbal tones which makes it better then your average tomato sauce.  They use two varieties of tomatoes for it as well as herbals and cheese.  The crunch of the green peppers and onions was also a sign of freshness.

Whenever around the Seattle area make sure you stop in at a MOD Pizza for your own pizza that will not disappoint.  With so many options you can really go there every time and never get the same thing.

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