New York Pizza Depot

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605 E William St Ann Arbor, MI 48104


When in a college town like Ann Arbor, Michigan I always like to find the dive bars and restaurants to eat and drink in.  When I was told to go to this New York style pizza spot I was a little skeptical but since it was one of a kind and local I had to check it out.  I slid into New York Pizza Depot for a couple slices of heaven.

When walking in you see this place is fairly big.  There is even a side room for more seating.  When walking up to order you see giant pies for you to choose from.  The New York-style pizza is usually a very large hand-tossed pie cut into large slices.  I always go for a cheese and then something unique when I can.  This time I ordered a slice of cheese and a slice of baked ziti pizza.

The dough was wonderful not to crispy and not to doughy which made it a great pizza.  The cheese was great and the sauce had a great herb and garlic flavor to balance out.

When the baked ziti slice came I didn’t really know what to expect.  I have had mac n cheese pizzas before but was worried cause it is hard to cook a perfect slice with all that extra on top.  This was no poblem though.  The ricotta and  mozzarella melted to make this like a pasta dinner on bread.  The ziti was cooked just right and with the crust and sauce I couldn’t be more happier with a slice.


So next time you are in Ann Arbor and hungry for something quick and great be sure to stop into NYPD for a slice of heaven.  They are open til 4am for the late night cravings and I was told next time to look into their subs cause they rock also

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