Petrino’s Pizza

June 21st, 2011 / review / No Comments

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29 West 16th Street
Holland, MI 49423

When traveling, a good pizza place is always a safe and tasty bet for a quick and cheap bite.  West Michigan has Petrino’s where you can get two slices and a drink for 5 bucks.

What was once a single location in Zeeland, Petrino’s has expanded fast into 3 amazing separate locations. Each with different hours and a different layout, Petrino’s is home to a delicious Italian pie with New York hints. They make their own crust and sauce as well as offer great fresh toppings. I go here a lot for various reasons but today I went there to get there “Lunch Special.” Even though it was 6pm they offer these specials all day. I went to the downtown Holland location.

2 slices of supreme and a pop for 5 dollars is the special I went for.

The large slices offers more then enough pizza even for a big guy like myself.  I especially enjoyed the sausage.  It was spiced perfectly and with the red onion and green peppers made the flavor pop even more.  I put on some hot peppers and parm for flavor, dipped it in ranch and washed it all down with a Sprite. Serving slices from open to close I recommend this place if you want pizza.

The 16th street location opens late til 2am often.  for a 18inch cheese pizza for around $12 which can’t be beat. I believe that is the only one of their locations open late.

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