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Pike Place Market
1908 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 441-6068

Located right outside the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle is a Russian bakery that brings breakfast like no other.  After stopping into “The Original Starbucks”  I came across Piroshky Piroshky and knew this is where I will be starting my day at the market.

When walking up there was a nice sized line but it went quick.  The smells of herbs and spices fill the room and I see giant cinnamon rolls being made.  Looking over the numerous pastries I decided to get the ham, cheese and spinach piroshky.  A piroshky is a stuffed roll with various meats, cheeses and veggies in them.

The ham, cheese and spinach piroshky I ordered was stuffed with fresh mozzarella as the cheese.  They are served in a little bag allowing you to eat them on the go and no mess.

I bit into the pastry and was surprised how light and flaky the bread was.  Other stuffed rolls I find to usually be more dense but this was so light it was very easy to eat.  The ham and spinach mixed well with the fresh mozzarella to give you a gooey and delicious center.

So whether you are looking for a quick snack or a meal on the go, Piroshky Piroshky is the place to stop.  There are countless places in Pike Place Market to eat but near the top should be this lovely Russian bakery.  Next time I will be looking to order a rhubarb piroshky as I love me some rhubarb.

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