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3090 Helmsdale Drive
Lexington, KY 40509

Kentucky is home to so many fine things from it’s numerous bourbon distilleries to the derby that shows some of the most elegant horses I have ever seen.  In Lexington I stopped into an odd little restaurant that brought everything I loved in the south onto one table for me.  I am talking about the wonderful Ramsey’s Diner.

Walking into this place you see each chair is hand painted with various different tables as well.  The servers are all wearing ties of different sizes, shapes and colors and that looks like that is their only uniform.  The menu is a very long and narrow menu.  The fun part about their menu and what makes them rise above the rest here is the Meat & Three dinner.  It is 12.99 and you get your choice of one of their 14 meat options and three of their over 20 different veggie options.  Each dinner also comes with baby cornbread.

I decided to go withe the fried chicken breasts as the meat.  For my sides I chose green beans, macaroni n cheese and mashed potatoes with country gravy.  I love me some country gravy and it rocks that they gave me it on the side so I could dip my chicken in it as well as put it on my potatoes.

The chicken is crunchy on the outside and juicy in the middle.  Perfect amount.  With the country gravy with it I was in heaven.

The side also wonderful.  The mac n cheese was creamy as ever and the green beans and mashed potatoes were also made perfect.  There was so much food packed into one plate it looked like a delicious hot mess.

To balance out all the vegetables with a sweet yet salty side of cornbread that made this meal worth every penny and I recommend it for anyone who is hungry and in the Lexington area.  I went to the Andover location but there are three others each unique in their own way so be sure to check them all out.  Also for those of age they have a happy hour with 2 for 1 liquor drinks so be sure to get down on some Kentucky bourbon that never disappoints.

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