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May 30th, 2012 / review / 2 Comments

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20 N Beacon BlvdGrand Haven, MI 49417

Located right off the highway, minutes from downtown Grand Haven, is Ray’s Drive-In.  I heard this place had amazing deals and had to check them out for myself.  With only two picnic tables outside for sitting, Ray’s looks like my kind of place.

I went in to the little restaurant and could hear the sizzling of burgers.  The menu was very simple with maybe a dozen items.  Their main push is burgers and fries but they also offer perch, chicken fingers, and a few other fried items.  I ordered a double deluxe with cheese, a fry and a small Mr. Pibb.  The total was under 5 dollars which is always hard to find these days.  The food came out in no time and I headed outside to eat.


The burger had thin patties similar to what you would get at Steak N Shake.  The tomato was huge and the lettuce also green and fresh.  I hate when I get a sandwich or burger and the lettuce is white or brown.


The fries were salty and crisp.  I don’t usually like a lot of salt on my fries but it was the perfect amount.  I recommend getting their ranch with them for dipping.


So I would have to say that this mom and pop shop is simple and delicious.  On the second Tuesday of every month they also have 75 cent burger days.  I am definitely  going to be heading out here for that.

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  1. jaki says:

    I like the burgers there they are very good also when I go there I always order a rootbeer shake because I like them.

  2. Troy Spear says:

    I lived in grand have all my life. We used to have Ray’s a lot. I moved from the area. I was in town last week had to get a burger it was awful it tasted like soybean. Whey are not as good as they were probably will not go again

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