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360 W Western Ave, Muskegon, MI 49440

Tucked back in the same spot as Unruly Brewery and Drip-Drop coffee is a Rebel Pies where, since it was Monday, had slices buy one get one free.
Walking in your original thought is “I’m in Unruly I should get a beer.”  Well that turns into three or four beers and you find yourself needing something to help you walk out and head on your way.  Rebel Pies is that spot and they offer slices of pizza every day but since it was Monday I could eat twice as much for the same price.

Looking at the three or four options at the time I chose a slice of The Jack White and a slice of Veggie Bomb.

The Veggie Bomb went down first.  What intrigued me was the french fried onions on top.  The Veggie Bomb was a slice of pie with their Rockin’ Red Sauce and a ton of fresh veggies then topped with their three cheese blend, basil and french fried onions.  Usually I say bacon makes everything better bu this was probably one of the best slices of a meatless pie I have ever had.

Next came The Jack White.  This slice had a garlic alfredo sauce with roasted chicken, spinach, sun-dried tomato, roasted garlic, 5 cheese and fresh basil.  The garlic and alfredo sauce gave a great burst of flavor and the roasted chicken and basil ended it off with a balance of herbal for a great taste in every bite.


Not only were these slices of pie amazing and filled with fresh toppings and a combination of sauce and herbal, but they also were buy one get one today which made both slices $5.  They offer other specials on other days so if you can’t make it out on a Monday it is no big deal.  Just make sure you get in there.  And also check out Unruly Brewery and Drip-Drop Coffee.  Both share a building with Rebel Pies and both help fuel my drive for life.

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