Serendipity Coffee House

April 24th, 2013 / review / No Comments

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789 State Ave N, Dickinson, ND 58601
(701) 483-1946

One of the hardest parts of traveling long distances in a car is finding good places to eat that will also not upset your stomach.  Stopping in Dickinson North Dakota  on the way to Montana I stopped in at Serendipity Coffee House for a good cup of coffee and some breakfast.

The cozy coffee house reminded me of the coffee house I regular back home which is always great when traveling.  The place smelled of good coffee and looking over the menu I saw the sandwich that would keep me fulfilled until I hit Montana.

I ordered their breakfast bagel and a small coffee.  The breakfast bagel is choice of bagel with choice of meat, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and an egg toasted to perfection.  I chose a wheat bagel and bacon and sat down.

The bagel smelled wonderful and the cheese was oozing out the sides.  They used a thick sharp cheddar which gave a wonderful taste and little bite.  The bacon and egg were also made great and the cream cheese ended it all with a little sweet flavor.

So if you ever are in North Dakota and need a great coffee and sandwich be sure to stop into Serendipity Coffee House.  They also offer lunch and various baked goods made daily.

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