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Glenarm Place and 16th Street Mall
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 351-4492

Located in the middle of 16th street in downtown Denver is a Mediterranean food kiosk that offers some bomb breakfast burritos.  Shondiz is the joint I am speaking of and you need to swing down there and try one out.

Now keep in mind this is a permanent food truck location here.  So they are open weather permitting and also offer whatever seating is around.  They have offer various Mediterranean dishes but at 9am all I wanted was breakfast and coffee.  Shondiz is literally in the middle of 16th street with public transit passing by on each side.  The reason I am here today is because I heard they have some awesome breakfast burritos.  Since it was a Mediterranean spot they have a giant meat spit with steak and one rotating with lamb.  I order a steak burrito and stood back watching him make this massive burrito.

When I got back to my hotel I bit into this burrito and instantly got the steak n cheese.  There was also eggs, seasoning and potatoes in this burrito.  The flavor of the slow cooking steak went so well with everything and the potatoes and egg filled me up to the point where I needed a quick nap even though I just woke up.


I was told later in the day to come back and try their kabab which they are known for.  Since I am only in town for a short time I will have to hit it up on my next trip out here but if you are looking for a fast, filling and cheap breakfast burrito in Denver Shondiz is the place to go.

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