Shooters 711 Sports Bar and Grill

January 24th, 2015 / review / No Comments

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143 Douglas Avenue, Suite 3
Holland, MI 49424

(616) 928-0297

Located  in The Oriental Plaza of Holland, Michigan is a sports bar with some of the best Vietnamese food I have ever had.  And I mean ever.  I give you Shooters 711.

Walking inside you see a pool hall and bar.  I sit down and am greeted instantly by the owner.  He hands a menu over and takes a drink order.  The menu is so diverse you can get anything from burgers to tacos to Vietnamese food.  I was told to come here for one thing only and that is the Bahn Mii sandwich.

Bahn Mii is a marinated grilled pork sandwich with variations of vegetables and sauces.  The Shooters recipe has cucumbers, carrots, jalapenos, cilantro, yellow and green onions and a house sauce with chili’s.  It is served on a club roll with a side of fries.  I ordered mine without jalapenos and sat back to have good conversation with my buddy Joel.  I was warned to only come to this place during the day as it gets a bad crowd at night but since there was only 3 others in here I wasn’t to worried.

When the food came I could smell the slaw mix and the sauce on it.  I took a bite and was so overwhelmed with different flavors all fitting perfectly together.  The veggies and sauce were spicy but also so fresh and crispy and the marinated pork was grilled to perfection and had so much flavor in them.  They wrapped the sandwich in a paper to help with the juices that come out from eating.  This was a messy sandwich but was worth every napkin.

Every bite gave me a combination of sauce, meat and veggies.  The fries were crispy and they offer a spicy rub on them which put a great amount of heat on them and a wonderful flavor.

So if you want to know what one of the best sandwiches in the world tastes like head to Holland and stop in at Shooters 711.  I guarantee you will be satisfied and full of the wonderful marinated pork sandwich that is a Bahn Mii.  They are open til 2am every night and serve food as long as they’re open.

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