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While I am all about the greatest deal for your buck I couldn’t help but share this place for it wonderful food and beer selection.  Located west of downtown in Detroit Michigan is BBQ joint that will make you never doubt Detroit is still alive and wonderful.  Welcome to the world of Slows Bar-B-Q.

When driving by to find parking I see that this place is in a pretty rough part of town.  Not as bad as most of Detroit but still had a dreary vibe.  Upon walking in however I was suprised.  The wait was over an hour and there were people standing everywhere.  There were two bars on each side of the building which both had a tap selection of over 50 from all over Michigan and other craft breweries.

The wait was about an hour but once you sat down the service was so quick and perfect.  Their menu offered many great staples in the BBQ community.  I decided to do the half and half which was a half a chicken and half a slab of ribs.  This came with two sides.  I chose the Mom’s green beans and the mac-n-cheese as my sides.

Before the food arrived they brought out an array of sauces all home-made and each with its own unique flavor.  When I get BBQ sauce I generally go for the sweet and mild sauces but this time I got to try them all since there was none on the meat.

My food arrived and it felt like I just got a train on Christmas morning.  The smells were filling my nostril passages and I am ready to dig in.
I started out with the sides.  The green beans has sauteed onions with them which is something I have never had and loved the combination.  The mac n cheese was my favorite item of the night and its because I love mac n cheese.  If I could live on 3 dishes for the rest of my life that would be one of them.  The shells were giant and the gooey cheese along side the melted cheese on top made this to be wonderful.  I also enjoyed that both sides had a slight pepper spice to them which helped add another flavor for my palate.
After a couple more bites of the sides it was time to move to the meats.  The half chicken was super moist and perfectly cooked.  The ribs were also soft and not over burnt at all.  I used the apple sauce for the ribs and the sweet sauce for the chicken which I thought was the perfect combination.  Of all the sauces they offer I would have to say their apple barbecue sauce is the best of them all.


So if you are near Detroit and are hungry with a large appetite head into Slows Bar BQ and you will not leave hungry guaranteed.  Also be sure to try their banana pudding even if you have to take it to go like I did and eat it later after your much needed nap.

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