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15748 Redmond Way Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 881-5309

Redmond is a fairly pricey community to be around.  Starbucks and fancy restaurants fill the streets making a small mom and pop shop hard to find.  Soulfood Books is just that place though.

Soulfood Books is an independent book shop that also offers organic coffee, music and food.  The walls are covered in local art as well as many books for sale and many other oddities like chairs made of twisted branches from trees.  Originally I wasn’t even looking for a meal but seeing as it was lunch time, and my stomach was rumbling, I decided to see what they had to offer.

After overlooking the menu I decided to order a grilled panini with hummus, turkey, swiss, lettuce and pickle with a side of chips.   I also ordered an iced coffee to drink and my order came to around 6 dollars.

When the food game you could smell the hummus and toasted bread.  I love when you toast hummus because it gives an almost garlic bread taste to your meal.  The plates were each unique which also added to that feeling of being home.  Everything was just right and I devoured the whole thing.  Their coffee was also very good and you could tell it had been made fresh and not been sitting out for hours.

So just because you are in an are where most places seem overpriced know that there are hidden spots everywhere.  Soulfood Books is one of these places.  So come down here and get a sandwich while you read a book or write a song cause they have guitars and various instruments you can play also.

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