Staggering Ox

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2829 King Ave West Suite D
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 294-6969

Located in West Billings is a wondering and very unique sandwich shop that will leave you full and satisfied. I was told about this place from our hotel receptionist when we went to check in and after looking over their website I saw this place was fun and would make a great review. When you walk in you see walls of merchandise and paintings from local artists.
The menu offers Clubfoots which are their own sandwich creations in their own homemade bread tubes. The Clubfoot I ordered was called The Clubhouse. It had bacon, turkey, ham, sharp cheddar, swiss, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce and sauce on it. I ordered the sauce with chipotle ranch but asked for that and the guacamole to be on the side. I also ordered a local beer that sounded exceptional as well.


I took a seat and waited for the food to come. When it arrived I was in awe at The Clubhouse I ordered. It was a tube sandwich and I had no idea how to eat it. I decided to pour the sauces over it and just go to town. The bread was wonderful and soft. The meats and cheeses were also great in taste and the veggies crisp. Their guacamole and chipotle ranch were a wonderful additive to this.

If you are near Billings head to the Staggering Ox. They also have opened restaurants in other Montana cities as well as one in Spokane, Washington.

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