Stella’s Kitchen & Bakery

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2525 1st Ave N Billings, MT 59101

Driving for 30 hours with nothing more then boxed water and trail mix will work up an appetite. My roommate Pat and I decided we needed a break. Stopping in Billings, Montana was a great break from our Holland to Seattle drive. I asked around and found that the breakfast spot in Montana was Stella’s Kitchen & Bakery.
Stella’s is a part of the Clocktower Inn. Walking up to it you can smell fresh bread and sweets. Even on a busy day like St. Patty’s we walked in and got sat right away. Since ’78 Stella’s has been leaving no stomach empty in Billings. I decided to order the half order biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon and toast. I figured if I was still hungry I could always get more.


While we waited for the food I asked what this crazy machine was next to me. The busboy said that it was a orange juice maker and that every glass of orange juice is made fresh.


Our food arrived and I couldn’t believe the portions. For a half order they gave me more food then any large biscuits & gravy from Denny’s.


The bacon has the perfect amount of salt taste to it and the strips were as large as the plate. The whole wheat bread was also made fresh this morning making this a perfect breakfast.

After trying and trying I could only eat half the food so a to go box was needed. I will say that if you are anywhere near Billings and need a hearty breakfast you must stop at Stella’s Kitchen & Bakery. Next time I go I will be trying one of their 1-pound cinnamon rolls. They looked larger then my face.

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