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2231 West Liberty St, near W. Stadium Blvd

I have been to some interesting places to eat from coast to coast but never have i been to a place like Taco King.

Located in Tienda La Libertad, a Mexican grocery store in Ann Arbor, is Taco King.  You walk in to and see the typical Mexican convenience store with a kitchen and a few tables.  The thing that was different was the kitchen and menu.  I walked up to see Baklava and Couscous right next to their tacos and burritos on the menu.  Baklava is a Turkish pastry and Couscous is a middle eastern pasta-type dish.  I was very curious so I asked the lady behind the register who happened to be the owner.  She was from the Middle East and her and her husband wanted to offer some native dishes as well as the Hispanic cuisine they had.  She offered me a cup of  “exotic tea” with my meal for free and since I love tea I accepted.
Looking back at the menu I decided to order their tacos since that is what I originally came here for.  I ordered 2 tacos with Carne Asada, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  They came to 2 dollars a piece so I ran over and grabbed a pack of Marias Cookies which is a basic but tasty Mexican cookie.  Total came to 4.75 and that made me happy.

Waiting for our food I started looking over some of the clothing items and random novelties in the store while sipping on the tea.  It was a black tea and had a sweet mint taste to it.  On a wall I saw a flex-fit Michigan hat for 10 dollars and had to have it.  You may not have sports love or you may be a fan of a rival team but I had to throw mad props up to the best college team out there.

My tacos arrived and they looked perfect.  They gave you two tortillas to each taco which means they are going to pack the ingredients in.  The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh and the meat was perfectly grilled.  They even threw in a lime to add a little citrus flavor which went great with their hot sauce on the table.

My cousin Brian who went with me on this trip ordered the Juevos con Chorizo plate.  It was 6 dollars and came with tortillas, rice and beans.  Chorizo is a delicious Mexican sausage made with spices and fried in with the eggs.  I snagged a taste and it was also definitely worth mentioning.

So when in Ann Arbor be sure to slide into Tienda la Libertad and snag a meal at Taco King.  Next time I come in I plan on trying some of their dishes from the other countries they have.


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