Taqueria Diaz

December 4th, 2016 / review / No Comments

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306 E Colby St
Whitehall, Michigan
(231) 638-7327

While taking a trip along Lake Michigan to tour a couple breweries I came across a little Taqueria and decided to stop in.  This place is Taqueria Diaz and it is a must whenever you are near Whitehall, Michigan.

What this place lacks in atmosphere it makes up for with heart and flavor.  The owner of the place greeted us immediately and we stood in line and looked over the menu.  The restaurant itself could seat around 25 people and their was no music playing or anything really to the ambiance of the place.  The art on the walls was pretty nice though and the smell when you walked in the door of garlic and spices was also great.

We got to the counter and ordered.  I went with an asada wet burrito.  These burritos are filled with meat, rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, onions and tomatoes.  They are then topped with sauce and more cheese.  Our food took a little while to make but the owner was the only one working on a Saturday night so it is understandable.  When the food arrived the owner sparked up conversation with us and was a very lovely man.  He talked of how this used to be a food truck that is now a restaurant.  I love the food truck culture and have talked about it numerous times in the past.

The burrito was super flavorful.  It is rare that you get beans and rice stuffed into a burrito with the meat but this thing was packed.  The  sauce was not to spicy but still offered a bite.  The asada was not overcooked and had minimal fat in it which made me happy.
All in all this meal was filling and cheap.  Just what we needed before heading into a night of drinking.  I hope to come back more and try some of their other dishes down the line.

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