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8516 Homestead Dr #101 Zeeland, MI 49464


In Zeeland, Michigan is Thai Avenue.  Thai Avenue offers a lunch special with some of the best options for Thai food I have ever had in West Michigan.

Sitting down at I see they offer a lunch special with numerous entree options for under $8.  Each lunch comes with Thai hot tea and ginger rice soup.  Looking over the menu I decide to try their Chicken Pad Thai.  Pad Thai is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand.  I also ordered an app of the crabmeat rangoons.

The rangoons are wonderful and the marinated crabmeat they used make these more pleasant then your everyday cream cheese and crab substitute rangoons from a gas station.

The ginger rice soup offers an array of flavors.  It has a bite from the ginger followed by a garlicky taste and then a bitterness from cilantro on the top to round it out to a great starter to your meal.

The portions of Pad Thai were huge.  I can’t imagine the size for dinner.  The sauce and seasoning inside this were great.  The tofu and chicken inside were cooked perfect and matched well with the sauce and rice noodles. The peanuts and sprouts that topped it also offered a fresh element and gave each bite a little crunch.

If the meal wasn’t reason enough to go I have to give props for the amazing tea I was drinking to wash it all down.  The hot tea was very dark and offered hints of pipe tobacco and vanilla in the finish.

Next time I go in here I plan on trying out one of their curry dishes as that is another staple of Thailand.

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  1. Tiny Sutton says:

    This is by far my favorite restaurant, great staff,great food and awesome service.

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