The Cheba Hut

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1531 Champa St., Denver, CO 80202


Denver is the home of so many great treats and hidden eats that I could spend months here eating out at meal and still not find out all that there is to offer.  However with the increased popularity of smoking weed as of its recent legalities, I figure I would show you a dank spot to get some awesome subs.  Here is The Cheba Hut.

When you walk in the smells of toasted bread and seasons fill the room.  The menu is filled with subs named after various strains of marijuana.  I looked over the menu and under the “mids” section ordered a Midwest Best and a small beverage.

The Midwest Best is their version of a club.  Piled with turkey, ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, bacon, a pickle, mayo and their own house sauce.  I got a cereal bar and a drink to go with it.  The house sauce was awesome and the sub was packed with so much meat, cheese and veggies that I could barely close it.

I think what set this above anywhere else is that they have a Kool-Aid dispenser next to their pop machine.  Naturally I chose blue and drank two glasses.

So be sure if you are anywhere near Denver you stop in and grab some awesome grub that definitely will help your munchies.  Before heading out I took a bite of the breakfast bar and it was also great.  Pretty much a giant rice krispie treat but with Captain Crunch instead.  So wonderful but I was to full from my chronic sub that I saved it for later.  Their are various locations around Colorado as well as a couple other states in case you are munching elsewhere.

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